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Welcome to the Ramshackle Sanctuary

Safe Space For Your Journey Back to You


Mary Kalbach

Personal Growth Collaborator

Rediscovering your pre-trauma self is a journey uniquely yours.  My part in the journey is to simply hold safe, gentle space for you and your recovery story as it evolves.  Our work together is a collaborative art, with you crafting the storyline as I help to direct the flow in a direction that creates freedom and release within the core of you.


Find Your Center Again

Bad stuff happens to all of us and sometimes it settles in your bones.  It seems like no amount of talking or trying or even praying will bring you back to that place of calm you know you have within.  You're searching for something deeper - to be really seen, to have someone who can say "I'm sorry that happened to you", to connect with another soul at the deepest level and find the well of strength that lies within you.  Are you ready to do the work?  Are you ready to find the core of you again and live your authentic self?  Let's connect!


Personal Growth Collaborations with Mary

Working With Mary

Working with me begins with a free 20 minute exploratory session where we chat about your trauma recovery goals and see if we are a good "fit" for your recovery journey.


Once we decide to collaborate on your journey, we will set a schedule for our time together.  

Each recovery journey is unique and you control your own journey.  I am simply there to guide and direct the process.  

I can't tell you what your specific collaboration will look like but it may include....

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques ("Tapping")

  • Mindfulness mentoring

  • Breathwork

  • Exploring the inner self through archetypes, centering & grounding exercises, felt sense experiences

  • Meditation practices

  • Qigong exercises or other types of body movement


There will always be safe energetic space held open for your process.

You may want just a single session or we may plan a months-long journey full of time together 

**I don't charge a set fee for our work together.  Negotiating your investment in the work will be part of our collaborative contract we develop at the beginning of our work together.  (This will take into account your finances, other resources you may have to offer to the collaboration, and the level of energetic resources our collaboration will require from me as well.)

Are you ready to begin your collaboration with me?  

"I am forever thankful for Mary. She has a gift for listening, understanding, and encouraging, without judgment. Mary’s calm demeanor, and clear expertise makes me feel at ease. Somehow even her voice is able to relax me, even during my most anxious moments. My sessions with Mary allow me to acknowledge my fears, and learn how to deescalate my responses to them. After all these years of pain and suffering, no one else has been able to provide me with such a tool, and a powerful gift."

Collaborator in Connecticutt

Contact Mary

You may choose where to hold your sessions. 

Sessions can happen...

....in a traditional office in York, PA

....in my studio space in the woods of Ramshackle Sanctuary in Southern York County, PA (available starting in Spring 2020)

...in the woods of Ramshackle Sanctuary in Southern York County, PA

...via video from anywhere in world

To schedule your free consultation or to contact me

send email to support@marykalbach.com

text only to 443.417.6582


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