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The Emergent Hippie's 
Trauma-Focused Learning Lab!

Skill Building Workshops for Trauma Practitioners

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What is the Learning Lab?

The Learning Lab is Mary's educational platform designed for any practitioners working with traumatized clients to gain new knowledge and resources for their work. The Learning Lab provides a series of workshops which tap into Mary's creativity with designing new trauma-focused and trauma safe modalities out of her cornucopia of skills and knowledge.


Who Is Mary?

Mary Kalbach, known as the Emergent Hippie around the internet, has been providing post traumatic growth coaching for over 10 years.

Mary is certified in Clinical EFT (Tapping), Havening Techniques (TM), Therapeutic Spiral Model of Psychodrama, as an Experiential Practitioner and as a Mindfulness Mentor. Add to this her work with Qigong, Mark Walsh's Embodiment Toolkit, the Trauma Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST), Interpersonal Neurobiology, Polyvagal Theory, Breathwork, Improvisational Theatre - and more! - and you get a wide array of possibilities for learning new skills in the learning lab.

Specializing in guiding courageous humans diagnosed with dissociative trauma disorders, Mary is highly skilled at creating safe, gentle, embodied experiences that provide a framework for the journey toward post traumatic growth. Come to the Learning Lab to learn how you can do this too!


Is the Learning Lab for Me?

If you are a professional working with individuals or groups who have experienced trauma then YES! 

The Learning Lab is a safe, compassionate and fun space to hone your skills in embodied, mindful, and trauma-focused care.

Everyone learns together in the Learning Lab - therapists, coaches, educators, yoga instructors, artists, social workers, experiential practitioners of any sort!

Interested in Custom Learning Lab Experiences Created For Your Group or Practice?

If you'd like your own workshop just for your employees, practice, or group reach out to Mary Kalbach for scheduling.  I am happy to bring the Learning Lab to you via custom online workshops.  Email me at or start the conversation via text (only) at 443.417.6582.

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