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Tapping for Psychodrama: Follow-Up Resource Guide

My mission as a practitioner has become to create a bridge between energy psychology modalities and the best of experiential therapies. Part of this mission is to study and teach about using energy psychology modalities alongside these experiential methods.

I have some of the most courageous, creative, and thoughtful collaborators a coach could ask for. The collaborations I have with these individuals have been my testing ground. As we cover that ground, we have found that using the Clinical EFT Tapping points alongside the psychodramatic interventions of soliloquy, doubling, and role reversal, reduces anxiety levels and creates the grounding and safety needed for the psychodramatic interventions to work more deeply and more quickly.

I created this blog post as a follow up to the Tapping for Psychodrama workshops I have been offering. This is simply a list of resources that these workshop participants have either requested or might find helpful as they explore these modalities further. I am hoping to continue to write about our discoveries as time allows. These resources reflect the "Why" of this work - I hope to spend more time in the future sharing the "How".

Explore the Research

List of studies on Clinical EFT can be found here.

List of studies on Energy Psychology can be found here.

Find a research review article on Psychodrama here.

Background Theory

Aside from the general research in each of these methods, my personal motivation for combining these modalities has come from the work of these researcher-practitioners:

Personal Tapping Resources:

Tapping Solution App - simply open the app on your phone and find a guided tapping meditation to help you through the moment.

Certification programs:

Clinical EFT/Energy Psychology:

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology provides certification, on-going membership trainings, an annual conference, and a practitioner directory


American Board of Examiners for Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy is the primary certification board for the US with a stringent and comprehensive certification process

American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama provides online and local support groups, an annual conference, a member directory, and training workshops throughout the year

International Tele'drama Institute teaches psychodramatic techniques for the virtual environment

International Society for Experiential Practitioners is currently updating their website and should be back soon!

Resources for Tapping with Children:

Here’s a blog post I wrote about tapping with children.

The Tapping Solution website has a fabulous bookstore with wonderful resources for tapping with children.

This web page includes case study articles of tapping with children.

Tapping with Groups:

Clinical EFT Research article on "borrowing benefits" in groups.

Topics of Special Interest:

Psychodrama with Neurodivergent populations - Adam Blatner's book Action Explorations has a chapter written by Carol Feldman Bass on psychodrama with neurodivergent populations

Eating Disorders - Healing Eating Disorders with Psychodrama and Other Action Methods by Karen Carnabucci and Linda Ciotola

Inmates - This article describes using psychodrama with juvenile offenders and correctional staff at the San Luis Obispo jail

Diabetes - here is a case study article that describes clinical experience and relevant research about how Clinical EFT may help with Type 2 diabetes

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